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I found a new thing to do over the weekend. Its call sleeping and it's really great. At first it might seem boring but then when you fall asleep, its like another world. Yesterday, I slept 3 times, 5 hours each one; And each one of them have a different story (dream) to it. One of the was about me walking on a bridge and got hit by a car and died, simple and plain. I like it. The next one was worse; I was being chase after by a group of thugz. I dont know what I did, but they seem to be pissed off. At the end I got punched, stabbed, kicked, crushed, burned, roasted, fried, smacked, shot, chopped, labeled and sold in a meat market. I realize I was a pig being chase by fat Butchers. Action, adventure, and pain. I love it. The last one was normal...Its just me and my friends hanging out and playing some hand ball, like a normal day...and that was the best one.
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